Natalia Pestova & Alexei Kislitsyn
founders and organisers of Rossendale Children's Day charity  

Rossendale Children's Day is Alexei and Natalia's dream and vision. It began as a one-day event in 2000 when they organised a trip to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for around 100 local children and is now an established charity which aims to raise money for local children with the theme "Children helping children"

On top of that the pair have regularly arranged Blackpool trips for the children brought to the area by "Friend of Chernobyl", and freely given their time for the benefit of other charity events, including:

Rainbow Trust
Francis House
Cancer Research North West
Express Link Up - a children's charity

Friends of Chernobyl

" Thank you so much for organising such a special day for so many special children..."

Rossendale Hospice
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